Each film is a meeting of multiple skills, combining artistic contribution, technical excellence and technological innovation to enable the production team to transcend their imaginations.

Since 1951, the CST – Commission Supérieure Technique de l’Image et du Son – has rewarded technical excellence by awarding prizes to technicians at the Cannes Film Festival. Years without an award, years without a festival, in 2023 we reach the CST’s 65th inclusion in the prestigious festival’s official prize list, becoming one of the competition’s oldest emblematic awards.

Over the years, the award has evolved from the “Grand Prix Technique” to the “Prix Vulcain de l’artist-technicien” in 2003, to become the CST Award for Best Artist-Technician in 2019. The awards showcase the work of some of the world’s leading filmmakers, as well as the exceptional contributions of artist-technicians who have brought a director’s vision to life.

Highly committed to professional equality between men and women in the film industry, in 2019 the CST has created the CST Award for best young female film technician, which rewards a young female position manager in a French film presented in the Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival. This prize affirms the CST’s desire to give visibility to the high-quality cinematographic work produced every year by young female technicians working in France.

Since 2021, the CST AWARDS have been supported by an artist photographer. After Raymond Depardon and Carole Bellaïche, Sylvie Lancrenon will present a photo from her personal collection.

Through its awards, the CST highlights the importance of the creative and technical know-how of all film technicians.

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