At the Cannes Film Festival 2021, the CST – Commission supérieure technique de l’image et du son – has created a brand new award dedicated to women technicians: “CST Award for best young female film technician”. This award complements their historic prize (created in 1951), the “CST Award for Best Artiste-Technician”. Through these awards, the CST wishes to highlight the importance of the creative and technical know-how of all film technicians.

As a professional organization of film technicians, it recognizes the quality of the technical gesture at the service of the vision defended by the director. In so doing, it defends values that have always been close to those of the Festival, advocating bold creation that stands out in both form and content.

« Each film is a collective work of art, made up of the superimposed, intertwined sensibilities and skills of an entire team, working together to make a director’s dream a reality ».

Angelo Cosimano, CST President

A award dedicated to women technicians at Cannes, a first

The award is presented to a young woman working in a French film in the Official Selection (all categories) at the Cannes Film Festival. The CST Award for Young Female Film Technician will be presented every year for as long as necessary to promote professional equality between men and women in the film industry. This proactive approach affirms the CST’s determination to give visibility to the high-quality cinematographic work produced every year by young female technicians working in France.