2022 JURY

The CST Award for Best Artist-Technician jury climb the steps: Bertrand Seitz, Sophie Chiabaut, Agnès Salson, François Troukens, Evgenia Alexandrova, Fred Volhuer, accompanied by Angelo Cosimano, President of the CST.

Evgenia Alexandrova

Cinematographer and director

A graduate of the Image section of the national film school La FEMIS, Evgenia works as a cinematographer on fiction and documentaries. She designed the image for Noémie Merlant’s “Mi Iubita Mon Amour“, presented as a special screening at the Cannes 2021 Film Festival. Evgenia is also developing her own directing projects. Her short film “Einstein Telescope” is currently being broadcast on France3.

Sophie Chiabaut

Sound engineer

Sound engineer Sophie Chiabaut began her career in 1976 with Francis Veber’s Le Jouet. For over forty years, she worked with such renowned filmmakers as André Techiné, Wim Wenders, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Coline Serreau and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. She also worked with Raymond Depardon as sound engineer on Délits flagrants and 10ème chambre – instants d’audience.

Agnès Salson

Film programmer

A graduate of the distribution/exhibition section of the national film school La Fémis, Agnès Salson set out on the roads of France and Europe with her partner Mikael Arnal to explore how independent cinemas are reinventing themselves. The project will lead to the publication of Cinema Makers – Le nouveau souffle des cinémas indépendants (2019, Le Blog Documentaire). She co-founded La Forêt Électrique cinema in Toulouse, and aims to bring to life a warm, community-based cinema that embraces new practices and new forms of moving image.

Bertrand Seitz

Head decorator

Bertrand Seitz began his career as a set designer in 1994 with Bassek Ba Kobhio’s Le grand blanc de Lambaréné. His eclectic filmography includes numerous collaborations with directors such as Florent-Emilio Siri (Nid de guêpes), Marc Caro (La cité des enfants perdus, Dante 01), Albert Dupontel (Le vilain) and Eric Besnard (Délicieux, L’esprit de famille). Bertrand was recently nominated for a César for Délicieux.

François Troukens

Director and screenwriter

Belgian filmmaker, author and screenwriter François Troukens is a man of many talents. In May 2012, he wrote the graphic novel Forban with Swiss cartoonist Alain Bardet. In August 2016, François Troukens co-directed his first feature film Tueurs with cinematographer Jean-François Hensgens. It featured a five-star cast including actors Olivier Gourmet, Bouli Lanners, Loubna Azabal and Natacha Régnier. The film had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September 2017. In 2019, he directed the short film Bang Bang with Damso and JoeyStarr, followed two years later by re-enactments for M6 and the American channel Vice. Today, François Troukens is writing the script for his second feature film and a series.

Fred Volhuer

Atlas V CEO

Prior to co-founding Atlas V, Fred Volhuer launched a consulting firm to support creative VR/AR plays with marketing/distribution strategies and works in the crypto-currency space. He is also a strategic advisor to several innovative technology companies.